After living in Germany for five years, I noticed a growing trend: European summers were becoming increasingly hotter. Have you ever experienced that sinking feeling when summer whispers its arrival, and you realize your wardrobe isn't quite ready for the heatwave?

 You long for cool, breathable cotton dresses that dance with the breeze, but all you find are polyester prisons clinging uncomfortably to your skin. And that’s what happened with me, discovering affordable cotton dresses felt like a luxury that was hard to come by.

 Most of the time, the cotton options available were either too plain or uninspiring, lacking the vibrancy and character that I desired. That's when Haus of Namaste was born – from the desire to create a brand that celebrates comfort, sustainability, and the beauty of nature

The Quest for Comfortable Cotton

The search for cotton dresses that were both affordable and stylish became a personal mission. I found that while synthetic fabrics like polyester were readily available, they were far from ideal. t is not only uncomfortable and unsuitable for hot weather but also unsafe for our skin and body.

 Synthetic fabrics trap heat and moisture, creating an environment where bacteria can thrive, potentially leading to skin irritations and other issues. Moreover, polyester is non-biodegradable and contributes significantly to environmental pollution, shedding microplastics with every wash.


A Celebration of Comfort, Sustainability and Nature

At Haus of Namaste, we believe in the power of thoughtful design. Each print and motif in our collection is carefully selected with heart and love. We draw inspiration from the beauty and joy of nature, aiming to bring that same essence into your wardrobe and living spaces. Our prints are vibrant, unique, and reflective of the natural world, offering a refreshing alternative:

Our commitment to quality does not end with our clothing. We extend the same care and attention to our home textiles, ensuring that every item brings a touch of nature’s beauty into your home. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful cotton dress or a stunning piece to brighten up your living space, Haus of Namaste has something special for you.

Haus Of Namaste