Making a Difference

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Art at our Heart

We Celebrate Artisans

At Haus of Namaste, we curate and bring to you exquisite treasures from the diverse regions of India, with a profound aim to amplify the voices of our talented artisans on the global stage.

Block Printing

Each piece from Haus of Namaste's Hand Block Printed collection is meticulously handcrafted, using techniques perfected and passed down through generations.

We work with small factories and artisans who are dedicated to preserving the age-old arts of hand block printing.

We work in Small batches and ensure our Artisans have a healthy work life balance

Sea Grass Collection

In an effort to build more sustainability , we work directly with the Talented artists of North East India , who handcraft these master pieces using Premium Sea Grass which is tightly knit.

These Vegan and ethically produced bags is another master piece from the hidden artists of India